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THE DAILY SHOWS / Monday-Thursday

Get up! Wake up and GO! It’s the Big Breakfast Show—your best choice in the morning! A show packed with what you need: news, infotainment, trivia, traffic report, famous music (even those you probably never heard of), games, BIG prizes and much more—served fresh by the power crew! It’s the perfect show to perk you up! See if you can out-wit these guys and win the Pot Money for the day in Cash Call. Get the essentials on the day’s most important happenings on the Daily News. Have a slice of the past and see who’s sharing who’s birthday in Today in History. Catch the Daily Top Three, songs that come straight from the power crew’s collections. Throw in some weird news, shout like a girl and get the breakfast of champions. This is your espresso on radio! Listen in as the three bring you creative radio and encourage you to STAY CLASSY!

The EDGE with ERIC 9-12NN
This is the show to be on your radio—get ready for a mid-morning like no other! Listen in on Jamaica as they keep you up to date with the times ‘till twelve high noon. Know WHO and WHAT is happening in sports, fashion, trends, entertainment and more! Be in the know when it comes to the latest sports news in Sports Spot. Find out what’s hot and what’s not from the gurus of different fields on Trend Spotting. Win the battle of the bulge by taking on the challenges in Jamaica’s Boot Camp. Car enthusiasts rev up and tune in to Hot Rod, the radio car show with a resident motor expert, giving you tips on car care and driving, plus--everything else about cars! Keep up with the break-neck pace of Entertainment news on the Spotlight. You’ll never be out-dated again!

Every Monday to Thursday, Rick gives you a mid-day experience like no other! He gives you that music high with great stretches of your favorite Jam 88.3 songs. Plus, he throws in cool topics, the hottest news and the most informative segments. Rick take you through your lunch hour and beyond with "Hang Out High"!

The 1500 TRIP with GABRIEL 3-6 PM
Its the last three hours of daylight and you can spend it staring at the clock waiting to punch out OR make the most it on the fifteen hundred trip! From 3 to 6 PM Gabriel and Louise gives you all your kind of mix with a good dose of fun, laughter, and even some of the smart stuff-- or atleast they try.

Night time means drive time with Stereomatic! Listen to Lanas as she dishes out the top seven most requested sons on the daily countdown—Jam Se7ens. Be informed when it comes to exercise, general health trivia, diet tips and all the things you need to know to keep you fit with Healthbyte. Get the lowdown on today’s hottest albums when the spotlight focuses on two CD’s in The Jaminator. And find out which books are worth your while with the best b ook review program on radio—Shelve It!

Whether you're ending your day or just beginning it, stop on over and enjoy a nightcap with Patti. She's got your kind of mix and a heady concoction of refreshments for your tired urban mind: news you need to know, curious conversation, and an overall lighter perspective on this weary world. Tune in Mondays to Thursdays from 9pm to midnight only on your kind of mix, JAM88.3!


This is the very best of the old and new-- a sleek n spankin' 18-hour cruise every Friday. SLIDE features anything from Tom Petty, Def Leppard to 10,000 maniacs. Add to that the cool sound of The Bloc Party, Joss Stone and My Chemical Romance and you got your perfect soundtrack to the weekend. Your old raves with your new faves. That’s what this show is all about. SLIDE in and enjoy.

You haven't heard Jam this way! Tune in every Saturday morning as Rick gives you 3 hours of some of the best music performed without any instruments! It's the show that spawned the Philippines' FIRST contemporary a cappella compilation CD. The Blend - The Philippines' FIRST contemporary a cappella radio program.

FLICK OF THE WEEK returns to give you everything you need to know from Hollywood to Bollywood and every place else in between. Featuring songs from soundtracks, gossip and hard news—it’s jampacked every Saturday afternoon to fill your entertainment needs. All the details and facts juiced down to the basics. And to help you decide what movies to watch, Patti dishes out exhaustive movie reviews with the famous popcorn rating system. It’s entertainment like you’ve never heard it before. This is your only showbiz resource.

No need to worry. It’s just you, the roots, the rock and the reggae. Three full hours of your Jamaican
connection, taking you to a different world. Feel the good vibrations and ride the tide on a natural high. Feel Irie!

Filipino pride comes renewed as poets, celebrities, musicians and artists alike all converge in today’s newest spoken word radio show that puts Filipino culture in point-blank recognition BIGKAS PILIPINAS. It is hosted by Kooky Tuason, who have helped pave the way to make spoken word an in thing today, among diverse choices of alternative music. Listen as Kooky and her guests string together words with passion in verse. Feel the poems become alive with eloquence and emotion. Each line maybe a sincere confession of their life, love and boundless imagination. Each phrase is a verbal manifestation of their artistic expression. This is their gift, their craft, their humble offering to the world

Wake up the right way every Sunday morning as Louise gives you only the tunes to lift up your spirits. Three hours of choice songs that give you hope, faith, and joy mixed with some of the most popular Christian acts plus a dash of inspirational quotes and anecdotes will surely keep you LIFTED all day long.

It’s not easy to be number one but here, we make it very, very easy. All votes and requests for an entire week are tabulated, researched and revealed! This is the list. Find out the top 25 most requested songs.

Local talent is showcased for one whole hour on Jam! Amateur musicians and established acts get to perform their songs on the show, answer questions and just hang out on a Sunday night.


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